Interior doors

We create internal ports for classic furnishings and modern attractive design with quality materials and refined
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We manufacture and supply interior doors for any type of furniture, such as homes, offices or shops.

We are a leader in Turin and Piedmont with twenty years experience in the production of interior doors in which we can propose new lines designed in harmony with current trends to make your decor warm and welcoming. Our lines differ in design, materials and colors, offering multiple solutions to your decor.


The classic wooden doors are manufactured starting from only the finest natural wood and resilient, offering a broad line of top design.

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A huge variety of colors and shades suited to any modern interior. The light is reflected in color and enhances the value of the shades used.

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Line that highlights the beauty of the glass, which are combined in harmony with classic furnishings and modern décor, creating a welcoming environment.

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Internal sliding doors and locks flush with the wall, which eliminates jambs, cover wire frames and exposed hinges, ensuring continuity between the wall and door.

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