We restore antique or damaged furniture taking care of every aspect of the restoration using the best known techniques and the best materials on the market
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We restore your old furniture and fixtures, giving him again new life Stripping, woodworm treatment, reconstruction of missing or damaged parts.

We restore antique or damaged furniture taking care of every aspect of the restoration. They take into account the possible defects in the wood and replaces it with new wood of the same material, or it can repair itself with the proper technique to the case. In addition, we analyze the characteristic and technical aspects of the raw material of our interest.

Techniques of Restoration

The joints with pins, half in the middle, the mortise and tenon joints, dovetail, splines: often it is necessary to reconstruct the restoration.


The possible restoration most common that usually carry out are the following:

Cleaning Consolidation Remove Stripping
Grouting Repair drawers Repairing cracks Repair ante Repairing legs Repairing feet Speech sull'impiallaciatura Speech on the deformation Brass Inlay Coloring and lighten the wood Cleaning Hardware Restoration of the chair

Intervention woodworm

A well-known problem is that the insect borers that is the major problem of who owns an antique piece of furniture in the house. We analyze each case and we implement our more sophisticated techniques to be able to eradicate and then be able to prevent.


The finish of the cabinet is the last speech you make. This phase is made with advanced techniques in order to obtain an amazing result for your mobile.

Decorative techniques

We apply decorative techniques to your mobile, and all kinds of different artistic appreciation. The products used are: painting, lacquering, turning, carving, inlay and gilding with gold leaf.